Zhangguang 101 Oligopeptide Hair Renew Essence
This product is special designed for hair deep nourishing. Oligopeptide together with Ginseng, Drynaria rhizome, Dendrobium candium extract offer rich nutrients to hair & scalp. Nourish hair follicles deeply. efficient absorption. Good smell, ease of use, Make hair thick, health and alive.

After hair wash and dry, apply proper amount of essence on the scalp, and rub gently for easy absorption. No need to wash hair after use this product. One time a day.

For external use only.; If it goes into eyes, please rinse with clean water immediately, Allergic diathesis should use it with care. Keep away from child. Child under 3-year-old is not supposed to use this product.

Stored with a tight lid in the cool place.

Net vol: 100g