Zhangguang 101 Hair Treatment Essence

Special Recommendation: This product is essence, with better smll, more convenient to carry and use. Especially suitable for businessman, office worker, students.

Processed in scientific method, the product presents to be a light brown transparent gel with smell of elegant and faint scent. Containing hair regrowth and nutritious elements extracted from natural plants, this product can nourish hair deeply; balance the grease secretion of hair, and prevent hair shedding. In addition, it can relieve scurf, itch and grease, and help the growth of hair.

Accordingly to the condition of hair loss, apply proper amount of gel on the scalp, and rub gently for easy absorption. Twice a day.

For external use only. Allergic diathesis should use it with care. Keep away from child and pregnant woman. Stored with a tight lid in the cool place.

Net weight: 100g