Zhangguang 101G Hair Tonic
Nourishing Hair with Precious Herbal Medicine Refreshing Renascence
This product was developed by world famous hair care expert Mr. Zhao Zhangguang. The intermediates this products are valuable Chinese herbs extracts refined by advanced techniques. It’s one of the best hair care products from Zhangguang 101.
Radix Ginseng, Salvia Officinalis, and Radix Sophorae Ravescentis have the function of benefiting vigor and blood, invigorating the circulation of blood, dissolving the extravagated blood, warming and dredging main and collateral channels, diminishing inflammation and removing bacteria. It can not only ameliorate the blood circulation of scalp. Impel the master cells in hair follicles to resume the function of hair regrowth. But also boost hair bulb to shift from inactive period to growing period. Thereby hair loss is prevented and new hairs regrow. In addition, this product also has obvious effects on reducing the secretion of lipid. Removing hair grease as weel as dispelling scurf. It is mainly applicable for thoese suffering from seborrheic, alopecia in their middle and advanced stages.

Twice a day. Apply 5 to 10ml onto scale each time. Massage for better performance.

For external use only. People who are allergic to alcohol should be cautions in using. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes with water, Keep out of reach of children.

Storage: Tightly sealed after use. Preferably in a cool place and always away from the sunlight

Net volume: 120ml